Desi ESP Hack PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Season 14 [Working]

Desi ESP Hack PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Season 14| Root | No Root

Hi guys, today I am sharing Official Desi ESP Hack for PUBG Mobile Latest Version 2020. Desi ESP Hack Apk is the most popular ESP hack for PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Season 14, which you can download from here for totally Free and I am sure you will really enjoy it!

If you are looking for PUBG Mobile Hack, you’re at the right place. Desi ESP Hack is the best working hack, which is personally tested by me with my REAL ID. It has amazing features like 100% No Ban, all PUBG Mobile versions supported.

And if you like this Desi ESP Mod Hack then don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section and also make sure to share this link with your friends and relatives so that they can also enjoy this amazing hack for free!

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⚡ Desi ESP Hack Features ⚡

All Features of Desi ESP App :

  • Anti-ban (No 10 Minute/1 Day/ 10 year ban)
  • Wallhack
  • 2D ESP
  • Enemy’s Name & Health
  • Enemy’s Head Position
  • Enemy’s Distance (Approx. 350 meters)
  • All Guns locations
  • All Vehicle locations
  • Antenna
  • Box
  • Vehicle ESP
  • Player ESP
  • Alert ESP
  • 360 Alert

⚡ESP Supported Versions ⚡

PUBG Mobile (Global)
✅ Working
✅ Safe
PUBG Mobile (Korea)
✅ Working
✅ Safe
PUBG Mobile (Vietnam)
✅ Working
✅ Safe
PUBG Mobile (Taiwan)
✅ Working
✅ Safe

⚡How To Use Desi ESP for PUBG Mobile⚡

  1. It will work only on Rooted devices. No virtual or VMOS supported. Your android version should be 6+ and it also works on emulators.
  2. Make sure you’re using the right Desi ESP hack. I mean the original one and not modded one by scammers. To make sure you’re using the right one, download it from our NulledApp (our website).
  3. Install Desi ESP, give it root permission and make sure to hide PUBG Mobile from Magisk manager else PUBG will crash.
  4. How to get a Desi ESP key? You need to skip some ads in order to get a unique key.
  5. It is advised you to bookmark this page. So that you can regularly check & update your app. Using an old version may lead you to ban your account.
  6. You don’t need to use any host or antiban file. Just PUBG, Desi ESP Hack and a rooted device.

⚡Steps To Activate Desi ESP Hack⚡

  1. Open PUBG Mobile Game
  2. Open Desi ESP Hack
  3. Click on “Get Free Key”
  4. Paste the Key into box
  5. Click “Login” button
  6. Select your device version, according to your device (32 Bit/64 Bit)
  7. Select PUBG Mobile version (Global/Vietnam/Korea/Taiwan)
  8. Click “Activate” button to start Desi ESP Hack
  9. Open PUBG Mobile, it will show “D” icon on your game screen (means your Hack activated successfully)
  10. Cheers!

⚡Follow These Steps For More Safety (Spectator Mode)⚡

  • You need two android devices, enter the game with your personal phone without hacks.
  • After that install, the DESI ESP hack on your second phone and spectate yourself and use esp without any ban problems.

⚡Common Mistakes For Getting Bans ⚡

➡️ “Abnormalities detected in your client”

Ans: Due to use of unsecured Scripts and brutal hacks, so change to safe script and use safe hacks
Safe Hacks: Wall hack, Color hack, Antenna hack and Less Recoil hack in the lobby. HeadShot and Aimbot on your own risk.

➡️ “3rd party apps and plugins are not allowed”
Ans: Using 3rd party apps like Virtual space and GameGuardian are not allowed in PUBG Mobile, so always use Anti detect Mod of Virtual Space and GameGuardian.

➡️ “Please download the PUBG MOBILE client again”
Ans: Due to using Lib injection and modded data, it need to be changed.

➡️”We have terminated your connection because of a data error with your client”
Ans: Due to using bad hosts, so change your hosts or patch it

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⚡Download DESI ESP Hack for PUBG Mobile⚡

Steps to download:

  1. You need to download Desi ESP Version 32/64 Bit according to your device (if you don’t know, simply Google it).
  2. If you are not sure about your device version (architecture), just download “Desi ESP Universal”.
  3. Download “Desi ESP Keygen” to generate a unique key to start Desi ESP Hack, you need to generate a new key every time you start Desi ESP Hack.

How to Download Desi ESP Hack from Server

  1. Click on Download button above
  2. After page loads completely, scroll down the page & you will get reCaptcha – “I’m not robot”, click on it to verify captcha.
  3. Scroll down slightly, and you will get “Continue Next” button, click it.
  4. New page will open, then scroll down and wait till Timer gets 0.
  5. Click “Get Now” button, then a new page will open, immediately press “BACK” button to close that page.
  6. Finally, you will get the Download link.
  7. Cheers!!!

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